A Strong Testimony of True Love

David and Peggy married at the Little Chapel in the Woods 9/27/1951

David and Peggy married at the Little Chapel in the Woods 9/27/1951

David and Peggy 


This September it will be 65 years since David and Peggy were married at the Little Chapel in the Woods in Denton, TX. In a time where some marriages only last a mere 72 days, David and Peggy’s love has continued to grow for six and a half decades. David and Peggy’s daughter Leslie said their strong devotion has been evident throughout the years, and more so now as David takes tender, loving care of Peggy in her long battle with advanced stage Alzheimer’s.

“I asked my daddy what he remembers most about The Little Chapel in the Woods.  He said, ‘Well, it was just like the name, It was a small chapel in the woods with many trees and no houses nearby.’  Knowing this is no longer the case due to the expansion of TWU, it was nice to have daddy reminisce on the beauty of the Chapel grounds.” -Leslie

David and Peggy with their two daughters

David and Peggy, 64 years later, with their two daughters

Leslie said her mom and dad have been such a strong testimony of true love, integrity, faith and family.  They lived their lives to be pleasing unto God and openly shared their faith with those they met.  It’s so fitting to know their life together began in a beautiful small quaint Little Chapel in the Woods. 

David and Peggy’s story is one of true love and dedication. May their marriage be an inspiration to all of our future brides and grooms. 

Happy (almost) 65th Anniversary David and Peggy!

A special thank you to Leslie (daughter) and Celeste (daughter-in-law) for sharing David and Peggy’s story with us!

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